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Security for property managers

If you’re an owner or property manager of an apartment building, then the safety of your residents as well as the condition of your building is very important to you. One of the more frightening crimes that can occur to a tenant is an invasion. Burglars work mostly during the day when a residence is more likely to be unoccupied. Most burglars work alone and tend to probe an apartment complex looking for the right residence and the right opportunity. We at Liberty Security LLC will tailor a plan that will give you peace of mind. 7 days a week or weekends only, whichever works for you. We guarantee good service and strive to beat every expectation.

The visual deterrent of a security guard grants confidence for the residents of your property. Our well trained security guards are professionally trained to maximize your property’s security. Your property, its assets, and tenants are what the team at Liberty Security strives to protect.

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What to expect from your Free Quote!

We take security very seriously and always work for the best interests of our clients. Working to understand your needs is very important to us. We perform a virtual or in-person walk through on your property or facility.  We will provide you with a FREE QUOTE that will include a basic risk assessment and customized estimate. 
We take pride in great customer service. Contact us now.